What is your massage among the types of massage? Massage Types

At the end of the massage, it was not only a concept that evoked erotic connotations in our country, and it became a 'trend' that was handed over to the expert hands. Which massage types are popular and which massage type do you want to know?

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Swedish massage against fatigue and stress

Swedish massage is called classic massage, Swedish Massage was one of the most popular massages in Europe until a few years ago. Nowadays, classical massage has started to be replaced by more exotic and water based massages. However, the most effective and effective massage against fatigue and stress in daily life is classical massage. Since it increases concentration and reduces the tension in the muscles completely, today many big majority prefer Sweden massage, also known as classical massage, at certain intervals.

''classical massage techniques''

Swedish massage, Classiac massage.



Aromatherapy massage for women with pain and tension. Aromatherapy massage style

When applying aromatherapy massage with oils obtained from the mixture of plant extracts, all of the oils used are selected according to different criteria, from your mood to your skin color and skin type. For example, you are frowned, irritable and irritable during your period? We recommend you to massage with chamomile oil obtained from chamomile flower extract. You can also choose and try aromatherapy massage to relieve your sinusitis, which becomes unbearable in the winter, and to relax your head. Some massage oils can be inconvenient during pregnancy, especially if you are expecting a baby, especially tell the specialist you want to have a massage. Aromatherapy massage is refreshment and lightness.

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Stone massage for back pain

My answer to those who said "Let the stones fall as much as massage on your head " Let it be lined up, speed up my blood circulation with heated stones, get rid of my back pain, and get rid of my shoulders. You didn't understand what I meant, did you? To understand, massage the back with volcanic stones lined up in a certain order. Stone massage will save you from back pain.

''Stone Massage'' Stone massage 


TANTRA MASSAGE, tantra style

Tantra Massage sensual energy and pleasure

With Tantra massage, people are preferred to color their lives and reveal sexual pleasures. Tantra massage is an opportunity to get to know your body and learn. Those who prefer Tantra massage believe that the main source of life pleasure is the whole of sexual energy, and thanks to tantra massage, they want to feel the pleasure of sexual energy in all depths of their bodies. I would recommend Tantra massage to those who want to know their body. Tantra Massage 

Tantra Massage Tantra massage style

Tantra massage therapy


HOLISTIC MASSAGE, massage style

Holistic Massage to tension and pain in muscles

Holistic Massage means 'focus on the whole'  it is a combination of Swedish massage, shiatsu and sports massage. It is a type of massage that is generally applied in Athletes, which is good for pain and tension in muscles. One to one for those who enjoy spiritual environments! While applying holistic massage, it looks at the body as a whole and creates the whole body, providing internal and external balance.

what is Holistic massage?  Holistic massage


LOMI LOMI MASSAGE, massage style

Lomi Lomi Massage back and abdomen

Lomi Lomi Massage is a type of massage that you can have completely relax and in a natural environment. Palm trees are swaying with the blowing wind, you have given yourself to the unique sound of the waves hitting the shore, while your body is massaged with magic words. This is the famous massage of Hawaii, the Lomi Lomi ritual. In the massage parlors, this environment is made with the effects of the sea and pleasant music. According to an ancient Hawaiian belief, there is positive energy in every human being that can solve their own problems, and Lomi Lomi helps to expose this energy. You should definitely try it while on vacation. Lomi Lomi massage style

What is lomi lomi massage?


SHIATSU MASSAGE, shIatsu style

Shiatsu Massage for those with weakened immune system. Shiatsu massage style

Sitting in the first place among the most popular massage types in the research of the magazine published by the Shiatsu Massage publishing group, Shiatsu is based on Japanese culture. If you often get sick, Shiatsu may be one of your favorite massages, because the main purpose of shiatsu massage is to strengthen the immune system. Prints are made with soft touches on the body with elbows and fingers. You can also do Shiatsu to minimize the possibility of sagging after slimming diets, as it increases the elasticity of muscle tissue.

What is shiatsu massage? Shiatsu massage style


REGIONAL MASSAGES, massage style

Regional massage is for the comfort of a particular area. Regional massage style, Massage
Regional massages are a type of massage that we can classify among classical massage types, concentrated only on certain areas. If we need to give examples of regional massages, people who work by sitting can feel neck and low back pain, as a result of massages performed with various sessions in areas where pain is felt, comfort is felt in the tissues, and it is a preferred type of massage in our country. It is a kind of massage that gives more intensity to a certain area in regional massage. Regional Massage Massage



Anti cellulite massage is focused on the cellulite area. Anti cellulite massage 

Anti cellulite massage is one of the main types of massage, which is preferred by women and is taken in a stable manner ''Anti cellulite massage'' is prevented many cellulite formation by relaxing blood circulation in the body. When the cellulite massage is applied regularly, you may notice its benefit visibly. Anti cellulite massage is an alternative treatment method

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