Massage Specialist Masseur Özgün. I offer massage therapy at my place and only to women and couples.


As the types of massages, although none of the massage sessions I have presented have superiority from each other, they can only request it to my guests in line with preference and need. If you are unsure about the type of massage you will choose, you can consult during the appointment. You can join the massage session in pairs, your partner or partner can accompany you during the massage session and you can easily share these special moments together.



Aromatherapy Massage What is massage?

Classic Massage What is massage?

Tantra Massage What is massage?



In all massage sessions that I have presented as "Masseur", I keep the values ​​and complete them in accordance with love and respect by protecting your privacy and privacy within the framework of flexibility and reliability.


As a masseur, I would be honored to be a guide in bringing the individuals with their talents, to bring their emotions and abilities to enable them to use their transformations and new processes in order to direct and control their transformational and new processes.



As a Massage Specialist Masseur I must say that I would also like to guide and advise the clients with a special service structured in accordance with the scientific content for a civilized, contemporary, healthy quality and happy life with an excitement, energetic and therapeutic approach.

If you say you are looking for a masseur, you can contact me comfortably to throw your reservations aside and enjoy life and not delay your happiness and excitement.


As masseur, massage session service is only for women and couples by appointment at my place. I do not provide massage services to men.


I offer massage and therapy services at your place in line with your frequency of agreement and agreement. If you want to get information about massage types and massage techniques, please contact the appropriate contact section. Masseur Contact


You can reach the masseur communication department either by phone, whatsapp or mail.

I have certificates related to Massage and Massage Techniques.


It is your most natural right to know your masseur. The other thing is that you can decide which massage will be better for you, if you are hesitant about the type of massage you choose, you can consult during the appointment. I can recommend the type of massage that suits you best.


Although massage is a treatment method, it decreases anxiety and depression, regulates sleep, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, increases mental awareness and self-confidence. When you have a massage accompanied by a masseur, it creates a psychotherapy effect and allows you to relax completely. Massage is the biggest enemy of stress


Note: Please do not rely on unqualified personalities who do not have the knowledge and education or expertise on virtual platforms, who introduce themselves under the name of masseur or massage specialist.



Massage a beauty potion for women to lose weight when done regularly



Massage for couples is very popular and massage preferred by "married couples"

Massage Application for Women
Massage Application for Couples
What is Therapy Massage



Therapy is proven as a supportive treatment with massage speech and touch form



Which areas are massaged as body massages? What are the body massage techniques?

How To Get Body Massage



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What is the massage briefly under the heading of massage sessions before the massage sessions I have presented? What are the types of massage? Massage prices

''Massage types and massage prices''

What is Massage? massage SPA

What is a massage? The history of massage is based on ancient times, although it is not known exactly when it first appeared, in many ages, while remediing people's physical diseases, many people also relieve their body by getting tired.

What is Massage? How to make massage

What are the effects of massage? Relaxation with massage

Endorphine, which is the natural calming that the body produces and secretes at the time of massage, is also possible to see the massage as an antidepressant and psychological therapy without any side effects, as it provides extraordinary relaxation to the person who makes the massage. In fact, massage and therapy is one of the most effective studies that treat and relax the person with the methods applied to the body.

Massage and Therapy, I want to have a massage



When we say what are the benefits of massage, it decreases anxiety and depression, regulates sleep, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, increases mental awareness and self-confidence. When you have a massage, it creates a psychotherapy effect and allows you to relax. Massage is an alternative treatment method

What are the benefits of massage, massage benefits, massage?

The effect of massage on the body, I want massage

Massage After a nice relaxing massage, where you indulge and reward yourself, all these benefits will remain with you. To see the benefits of massage, regular massages and rewarding ourselves with this enriching experience should be a getaway you can do without guilt.




When you look at the types of massage, there are many types of massage, although no massage can be superior to another, it is determined only as the preference and need of the person.

What are the types of massage? What are the Types of Massage?

Which massage type do you recommend?

Massage sessions such as classical massage, aromatherapy massage, tantra massage, lomi lomi massage, slimming massage and regional massage are among the most common types of massage.

For more detailed information and prices about "Massage types" you can look at Massage Types section.

About massage types, about massage types

What are the types of massage? Information about massage



For massage prices, you can examine the massage sessions below.

Classic massage price, classic massage prices

Aromatherapy massage price, Aroma massage prices

Tantra massage price, tantra massage prices